EFA Advanced Musical Theatre

EFA CLASS SCHEDULE: (subject to change) Red-Music, Blue-Acting, Purple-Dance

Hello, things are very up in the air right now, but if we are able to go back to school, 
I would like to finish up these units:

Meisner Scenes

Small Ensembles

Large Group Dance Number

We will only have the Informance if we come back on April 13. Rescheduling might be an option....???
In the meantime, prepare for your Final Exams.  
Since not everyone is on FACEBOOK, start a group chat with me included so that you can ask me questions and everyone can see all the answers. 

Final Exam requirements: (Vocal and Acting)

32 bars of an uptempo song (clearly marked for accompanist) 

16 bars of a ballad (clearly marked for accompanist) 

1-2 minute monologue  

All material must be from a published play or musical.  Songs should be contrasting in mood, voice range and time period.  Monologue should also be contrasting to the rest of your material. Show us your versatility!  Everything must be memorized!

Headshot and Resume:  Please present Mrs. Koch with a picture of yourself and a list of your past show experiences.  Go to any professional actor’s website to get a resume template. Headshot must be stapled to resume.

Dress professionally as though you are at an audition.  No flip flops, exposed mid-riffs, short shorts, ponytails or ripped jeans.  Hair should be styled and out of your face. If possible, boys, please shave. Girls, wear tasteful makeup.

When it is your turn to perform, clearly introduce yourself and what you will be performing.  Do your strongest performance first. You may perform your songs and monologue in any order.

Have your sheet music neatly arranged in a binder.  DO NOT HAND TISSIE LOOSE PAGES!

Hopefully these will done in person, but we may need to grade you electronically via email and video submission. If we do have to do that, consider choosing songs that have a karaoke track on youtube, etc.  I would hate for you to choose two songs only to have to change them if we cannot provide an accompanist.

I'm trying to find some Meisner videos for you to watch, I'll keep you posted.
Take care of yourselves!  

Seniors who plan to do Musical Theatre College Auditions this year: The following links are yours for reference!

EFA Musical Theatre